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Konvejerio juostų paketas v 3.2.6


Konvejerio juostos teleskopiniui krautuvui ir priekiniui krautuvui

Autorius: Marhu


5 Responses to Konvejerio juostų paketas v 3.2.6

  1. slawek

    Well it would be to add the possibility of loading wood on the trailer

  2. Nicholas Power

    have downloaded this for FS15 and moved to mods folder but it doesnt appear in my mods section in the game? i have extracted it also.
    Is there a different way to install this?


  3. Jeffrey

    Super mod!

    It works fine with me, and i use it for emptying the silos in the biogasplant.
    Works REAL good.

    Thank you!!

  4. trux

    make it compatible with woodchips?

  5. hJassem

    i think this mod for fs 13 not fs 15 thats why didnt work with you

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