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Fendt Vario 930 TMS v 2.0


– Atidaromos durys, galinis langas ir stogo langas
– Animuota hidraulika
– Įspėjamasis ženklas
– Rankų animacija
– Dvigubi ratai
– Pilnas apšvietimas
– Nauji ratai

Autoriai: Blackfox, Sven777b, Heady, Geri-G, Face, surrealcrash, Monster, roller90, kesukas


2 Responses to Fendt Vario 930 TMS v 2.0

  1. Mikkel

    HI, i was wondering if it is possible for you to make a Fendt 926 from this model aswell? It is the exact same model of tractor, but only with 260hp insted of 300hp.

    best regards Mike

  2. jonny1987

    mikkel you can edit the horsepower with notepad ++ its free to download

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