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Krone Ultima CF 155 XC

Krone Ultima CF 155 XC

Krone Ultima CF 155 XC Baler

Authors: Jackaroo, rafftnix, BlackJack, fendt2000, fireandice, Mofi


5 Responses to Krone Ultima CF 155 XC

  1. tokatlı

    Birde kirlenme olsa süper olacak. pollution ?

  2. LBW

    This thing… This thing is AMAZING!!!!
    It just needs more storage for the net rolles.

  3. FS Pictures

    This dont work on the dedi server, error

  4. juju-gaming

    bonjour je tien a souligné une erreur quand on fais les balles et qu’on sort de la parti tou en sauvegardent et bien les balles on disparu quand on revien sur la parti

  5. joe

    i love this mod. the only complaint i have is what do i use for an trailer to automatically pick up the rolls. i dont like manually picking up bales?

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