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Krone Ballengigant Bale Trailer

Krone-Ballengigant-1 Krone-Ballengigant-2

– Automatic pick up of square, round and round wrapped bales
– Strobe lights on the front, rear and down the sides
– Rear turning axles

* Painted black
* New black wood floor
* New english wide turns sign

Authors: MTL Modding Team, Bavaria Modding, PurpleKnight Modding


4 Responses to Krone Ballengigant Bale Trailer

  1. jerry

    I can’t get it to work. The HUD comes up and I’ve tried everything I know to try and it still won’t automatically pick up bales.

  2. Ryan

    i can get it to load, but when i try to unload it crashes the game to desktop

  3. Ranwolf

    Thanks, I won’t download.

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