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Euro Agrar v 0.98

  • 2015-03-19 09:22
  • Maps

Euro-Agrar-v-0.98-1 Euro-Agrar-v-0.98-2 Euro-Agrar-v-0.98-3

– Installed Water mod
– Traffic signs (mostly)
– Court
– Cowshed on the farm
– Bearing on the farm with conveyor belts (signs light up at night)
– Mixing station installed at the court
– Digital displays on bearings / silos
– Water pump with 25000 liters capacity (requires 1.5 days for the filling)
– Various buildings, shelters and ball bearings
– 2 silos on the farm
– Pig farm with compound feed stock
– Intermediate water storage and ball bearings
– Cattle fattening farm
– Garden center with retail outlet for manure
– Forst hof
– Large hall (hall lighting switchable)
– Small hall
– Small carport
– Woodchip store
– Tree trunk stock

Author: REL1981


2 Responses to Euro Agrar v 0.98

  1. Andrew

    This Is one of my Favorite Maps and I play on this the most. Just Two small Minor Issues.
    1. There is a Orange Roof Floating in the Air Between Fields 8 & 9. Needs GE triangles Software to Remove.
    2. Also Is There Any chance When starting the Game of Re-spawning Back on The Main Farm instead of The New Workshop in Bottom Farm?
    Otherwise This Is the Best Map. Many Thanks for this Updated Map……keep up the Good Work………

  2. Andrew

    Sorry Also Forgot to Mention – When Using Sprayer On Fields the Texture Does not Change IE Does not Go Darker, So very difficult to see whats been Sprayed? And also when Cutting Grass it Only removes the Tops. Doesn’t look like it’s been Cut? Otherwise Best Map Out there…….Keep up the Good Work………….

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