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Claas Lexion 580/600 Pack v 1.0

Claas-Lexion-580600-Pack-1 Claas-Lexion-580600-Pack-2

The Pack consist of:
* Claas Lexio 580 Harvester
* Claas Lexio 580 TT Harvester
* Claas Lexio 600 Harvester
* Claas Lexio 600 TT Harvester
* Capello Quasar R8 Header
* Claas Vario 900 Header
* Claas Vario 1050 Header
* TAM Leguan Quattro 32 Header Trailer

– Claas Lexio 580 capacity 10500 liters
– Claas Lexio 600 capacity 12000 liters
– Claas Lexio 580 Speed 20 km/h
– Claas Lexio 580 Speed 30 km/h
– Capello Quasar R8 Header working width 8 meters
– Claas Vario 900 Header working width 9 meters
– Claas Vario 1050 Header working width 10.5 meters
– Toggleable Cameras
– Strawheaps
– Dirt on the wheels
– Usage (Depending on speed, harvested crop and working width)
– Toggleable manual unloading
– Chopping width can be adjusted

Authors: Stehbeni, Shangri66, Michi77, Knagsted, rafftnix, RivalBomb, Fruktor, Siwus


2 Responses to Claas Lexion 580/600 Pack v 1.0

  1. Lister471

    Link is dead. Please fix

  2. Tom

    When i am using the 600 TT Lexion in a barley field, when i get to about 70% full it tells me that my conveyor is blocked and i need to clean it before i can continue can anyone help please?

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