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Krone Big X 1100 Pack with Dynamic Twin Front Wheels

Krone-Big-X-1100-Pack-with-Dynamic-Twin-Fronts-Wheels-1 Krone-Big-X-1100-Pack-with-Dynamic-Twin-Fronts-Wheels-2

– Twin Dynamic Front Wheels
– Low rear trailer hitch fitted so it will pull many different trailers
– New colour scheme
– Road speed limited 34 km/h
– Harvesting speed with supplied cutters 18-25 km/h depending on cutter used
– Extra rear beacon lights
– Roof aerials
– Steering, torque, RPM and brakes tweaked
– Steering wheel rotation speed reduced
– Washable
– Multiplayer
– All attachments included and they are standard sizes and colours only the speeds are increased in this pack
– Custom color for Tires Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone Big X 1100 Pack

Krone-Big-X-1100-Pack-1 Krone-Big-X-1100-Pack-2 Krone-Big-X-1100-Pack-3

Krone Big X 1100 Pack with selectable Colors Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone Big X 1100 v 2.0


– Mouse controlled
– Unlimited rotation Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone Big M 500 v 1.1

Krone-Big-M-500-v-1.1 Krone-Big-M-500-v-1.1-2

– Tank capacity 40000 liters
– Working width 13.2 meters
– Power 520 hp Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone Big M500 Attach v 1.0


Krone Big M500 Attach Grass Harvester with the possibility of hooking the trailer Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone Big X 1100 HKL Pack v 1.0

Krone-Big-X-1100-HKL-Pack-v-1.0-1 Krone-Big-X-1100-HKL-Pack-v-1.0-2 Krone-Big-X-1100-HKL-Pack-v-1.0-3

The Pack consists of:
– Krone Big X 1100 HKL Harvester
– Krone 980 Header
– HKL Joskin Silospace Trailer Read & DOWNLOAD >>

Krone Big X 1100 Black Edition Pack v 1.0

Krone-Big-X-1100-Black-Edition-Pack-v-1.0-1 Krone-Big-X-1100-Black-Edition-Pack-v-1.0-2

All models are equipped with the usual standard features, additional small settings in the xml could not made.
Models Patch 1.2 ready and of course log free.
The pack contains all the mods that belong to the crown Big X. Read & DOWNLOAD >>