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Vulkaninės salos žemėlapis v 1.3.6

Volcano-Island-v-1.3.6-1 Volcano-Island-v-1.3.6-2 Volcano-Island-v-1.3.6-3

Žemėlapyje rasite: standartinės kultūros, transportas, uostas, vėjo malūnai, parduotuvės, bio dujos, sodo centras, vandens modas, maišymo stotis ir kita

Autoriai: Dajnet, SK-Jatala


One Response to Vulkaninės salos žemėlapis v 1.3.6

  1. Rahul Kanojia

    Hello buddy, if you are the owner of volcano island map, then this message is for you, and if not, please pass this message to the modder / owner of this map.

    I am a big fan of your map. I am playing with your map since your 1.3.6 release.
    You have done extremely excellent work in this map. I got everything and all necessary things in this map.
    But can you please accept my request, now I want some more excited things in same map I.e. volcano island.
    Can you please add slurry manure lime mod and slurry sale mod. I need slurry sale mod coz I own 1000 cows and it’ll be useless if I didn’t sale it.
    please do it for me. And please inform me once when you got my message.
    My email address is: rahul.k2525(at)gmail(dot)com
    thank you

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