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MP savininko modas v 0.2


Autorius: ANDR55


3 Responses to MP savininko modas v 0.2

  1. Drizz786

    Hi, just used your mod on a dedicated server and it works , but it seems to clash with Axis controls on cranes and loaders makinf them very jerky. This is such a useful mod it would be great if you could fix this or tell me how to.
    Thanks for your time making this mod, i look forward to seeing a fix version, drizz

  2. Drizz786

    Hi, after more testing it appears that it may be Pleasant Valley map that is causing problem. bjornholm and west bridge hills work fine with only minor stutters on loader axis. . pity but still a good mod. drizz

  3. M@yo

    When used on a dedicated server mode after data synchronization game fits. I can not connect to game.Please advice …

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