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Ponsse Scorpion King S

Ponsse-Scorpion-King-S-1 Ponsse-Scorpion-King-S-2

Best two mods together in one, the best scorpion king S

– Weight reduced to a more realistic figure
– Rotation of the head horizontal and vertical cut
– Differentials
– Suspension settings
– Cab levelling now works
– Cutting changed to 7 meters

Authors: MyloLehmann, Giants, theSeb, LeChatNoirCynique


4 Responses to Ponsse Scorpion King S

  1. Andrè

    I am looking for instructions on how to install mods where to put the files ???
    I tried everything but I can not make the change !

  2. Knagar

    What does this mod do exactly? Why do people never put a damn description.

  3. max

    please add fallen trees to the work mode if you cut one down you might need to recut it

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