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Jenz Hem Back v 2.0

Jenz-Hem-Back-v-2.0-1 Jenz-Hem-Back-v-2.0-2

Plaunama priekaba su kranu medžiams kapoti

Versija 2.0:
– Pataisytos visos klaidos
– Pagerėjo medžio apdorojimo procesas

Autoriai: Giant, dimanix


4 Responses to Jenz Hem Back v 2.0

  1. Kristian

    Why will it not take the loggs every time? it maybe takes 20% of the loggs.
    It is very hard sometimes to take the logg that is on the feder table.

  2. max

    please fix the feeder make the trigger for convayor bigger it only picks up on the very end iit should be the hole belt

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