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HD tekstūrų paketas v 2.0

HD-Textures-Pack-v-2.0-1 HD-Textures-Pack-v-2.0-2 HD-Textures-Pack-v-2.0-3

Versija 2.0:
– Pataisytos 254 grūdų tekstūros
– Pataisyta lietaus tekstūra

Autoriai: Erencan ÖZKAN, Oğuzhan ÖZKAN


3 Responses to HD tekstūrų paketas v 2.0

  1. Robson Medina

    says it needs the 1.0 version but it is the same size as the 1.0 version with the same name in the file UPOU sure that the correct version? apparently not modifcou nothing in my

  2. mrlongshen

    downloading it. I want to try ! thanks bro,

  3. Saeed

    Same download link in both HD textures versions.

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