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Bjornholm žemėlapis v 3.0

Bjornholm-Map-v-3.0-1 Bjornholm-Map-v-3.0-2

3.1 versijos naujienos:

– Gyvūnai yra dabar visi ant pagrindinio kiemo
– Buvusioje avių pievoje dabar pridėtas kaimelis
– Buvęs karvių kiemas pašalintas ir padarytos pievos

Autoriai: Giants, Hase1, Andy


3 Responses to Bjornholm žemėlapis v 3.0

  1. Martin

    Game couldn’t found this mod in mods folder. So it’s not working.
    Zaidimas neranda sito modo, nors jis idetas i mods folderi.

  2. John

    Rename the filename from Bj__rnholmv3.0.zip to Bj__rnholmv3_0.zip and it will load.
    What confuses me a little is that when you load it it still says V2 and not V3, however it does have extra buildings at the farm, and the gates to the farm are missing, so it is a different map 🙂

  3. Adam

    This is a good map, but you need to edit the mini map showed that the cows and sheep are in one place ;P And that will be perfect ! 😀

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