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Amazone Pantera v 1.0

Amazone-Pantera-v-1.0-1 Amazone-Pantera-v-1.0-2

– Maksimalus greitis: 40 km/h
– Maksimalus darbo greitis: 18 km/h
– Talpa: 4200 l
– Darbinis plotis: 40 m
– Apšvietimas
– Animuotas vairuotojas
– Pelės valdymas
– Veidrodžiai

Autoriai: Gusto82, Freunde


One Response to Amazone Pantera v 1.0

  1. ~@Laimys@~

    This is the machine for the 22nd field on the bjornholm map, i rate it 5 Stars and i reccomend it to other people, definetaly.

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