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Tunxdorf v 3.0

  • 2015-12-10 11:20
  • Maps

Tunxdorf-1 Tunxdorf-2 Tunxdorf-3

– 39 Fields with a total of 250 Ha
– 3 Farms
– Beef and pig fattening
– An agricultural contractor location
– Big BGA
– Compost Master
– Mix Feeder
– Potato Washer
– Milk Max
– Mixing Station
– Huge Forrest Area
– Nice small Village of Tunxdorf
– Beautiful landscape with lots of details
– Lots of places to sell your goods
– More terrain angles to give the fields a more realistic look
– Fillable Liquid Manure storage basin’s
– Mod has 2 seperate Maps, a Normal/GMK version and a Soil mod version
– Maps are Chopped Straw ready
– Maps have alot of Buyable objects

Version 3.0:
* Now features 2 Maps, a normal/GMK version and a Soil mod version
* Fixed all the field ownership bugg’s (hopefully)
* Added new watermod.lua to fix animal menu’s overlapping
* Added missing fertilizer trigger at main farm
* Fixed cow’s standing still in barn and field
* Mix Feeder now buyable
* Added allot of other buyable stuff like Potato washer, Mixing station, Milkmax, hardpoints garage trigger, etc
* Added Milk trigger
* Added Hardpoints garage trigger at Agravis shop
* A lot of texture changes (buildings mostly)
* moved agri farm compost storage next to feed storage
* Reverted back to old Liquid manure basin trigger (now MP compatible but will need kotte universal tanks to fill and unload)
* Removed lighting system in buildings (was not working for some players)
* Fixed pine tree’s not having branches(possible giants editor save bugg)
* Multiple map changes
* Multiple building changes

Author: Mythic


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