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Stationary Hacker v 2.1

Stationary-Hacker-1 Stationary-Hacker-2

With these placeable choppers quickly and cost strains can be processed into woodchips.
The fuel tank must be filled before the operation. After filling with strains of the engine needs some time to run. The chips can be removed from the bunker or the pipe either.

Version 2.1:
* Digital added level indicators
* Fixed texture errors
* New factory Script Version
* Revised mod info Script
* Slightly adjusted values (now more realistic)

Author: LKXstudios


5 Responses to Stationary Hacker v 2.1

  1. Anthony price

    there any way to get it to pickup logs that you dump inside it if you bulk fill with a loader or trailer ? i just end up with aload of logs stuck inside it i cant get at to move. other than that good mod 🙂 nice to have a stationary one rather than a trailer.

  2. Morgan

    How do I fill it with fuel?

  3. tyson

    how do you fill it with fuel?

  4. Jayden Copping

    I have this mod, but I can’t refuel it. I have travelled all around the fuel tank looking for the fill point, but can’t find it

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