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Somewhere in Thuringia v 1.4.1 FINAL

  • 2015-09-29 20:55
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Version 1.4.1 FINAL:
– Slurry Trigger cattle fattening set correctly
– Factory script
– Error: invalid fillType in barley wheat resolved
– Digital display on the compost stock, now hanging on the wall
– GMK Mod Repairs (Layer are aufen field see again)
– Complete Filltypes Registration from the RegFillTypes the pig taken, registration browsing now over additional FruitTypes
– PDA Map new was slightly warped in Game
– Fields Fixed issue
– Problem with new fruits Fixed
– Adjusted digital displays at feed stores on Hofsilo not look mehr through through plate.
– Cement trigger set at the production plant Properly
– Cows freezing is no longer at the trough in the stable
– Purchasable BGA, Bunger can now be filled with Trailer
– Fruit Farm Compost in all trigger entered
– Propelled cars properly placed (SP)
– Error: Failed to load particle system data / vehicles / particleSystems / wheatParticleSystemLong.i3d) on Dedi and Steam versions Fixed

Authors: Giants, Marhu, Blacky_BPG, Farmer_Andy, Mannie313, Nils23, webalizer_ls, Maurermatze, Raptor5 JauchenPaule, Nick98.1, Manuel, nmariodieck, atze1978, Bluebaby210, Steinklopfer, Funky, RC-Devil, Kastor, tobiasgo, Alex2009, HerrL, El_Cid


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  1. Martin

    Hi, how to get to the pig farm?

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