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Scania 730 and Trailers Mega Pack v 2.0

Scania-730-and-Trailers-Mega-Pack-v-2.0-1 Scania-730-and-Trailers-Mega-Pack-v-2.0-2

This is a large Pack of Trucks designed for transporting logs
In pack includes: 6 Trucks and 5 Trailers
On some Trucks mounted manipulator
Body turns over
You can thus move the rack to the side for easy loading

Authors: dimanix, Sven777b


4 Responses to Scania 730 and Trailers Mega Pack v 2.0

  1. alexander

    Verry god mod, but right foot does not open !!! please fix this

  2. SynthAL

    Was it on purpose that the semitrailer cannot hook up to other trailers?

    Also the R 730 Forest cannot be bought.

  3. SynthAL

    Realized I had 1.1 not 2.0. Above issues are fixed. The right outrigger or foot I can confirm is broken.

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