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Sarntal Alps v 1.0

  • 2015-09-24 08:58
  • Maps

Sarntal-Alps-1 Sarntal-Alps-2 Sarntal-Alps-3

Unique mountain world with large radius (4x Map on 2.5x reduced)
Singleplayer map for beginners and advanced
Focusing on multi level economic activities (multi use of crop varieties)
Money instead of launch vehicles leaves you free to choose what you want to do first

Integrated Mods:
– Cattle fattening
– Goose Mast 1.0
– Sawmill 2 Rivers
– Mixing Station
– Fruit Farm
– Apple mod
– Processing sales
– Vegetable growing
– Fertilizer & seed production
– Lettuce Trigger
– Compost Master
– Milkmax
– Additional Fruits: clover (alfalfa) + textures
– Multifruit
– Slurry manure Mod
– Animation Map Trigger
– Complex BGA
– Compost Soil
– Multi Mowing
– Trigger Extended

Author: Seba_S_Tian


One Response to Sarntal Alps v 1.0

  1. christine

    joli map que j aimerais jouer dessus suis adulte merci

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