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Roztocze Map v 1.0

  • 2015-06-12 09:10
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Roztocze-3 Roztocze-2 Roztocze-1

– One holding
– Cows, chickens
– Watering of cows, chickens
– Feeding chickens
– Chicken coop
– Hens lay eggs for the whole economy
– The sale of eggs
– Feeding the cows in the barn
– Turn down service in the barn
– Acting manure
– Supersilo
– Filling the drill
– Fertilizers
– Lime
– Silage
– Grass fed cows
– Grazing cows
– Shop Agroma
– Purchase of cereals: wheat, barley, canola, corn
– Purchase of beet and potatoes
– Manure near the barn
– Potatoes and beets need to immediately sell or use the dumping mode where you want
– Filling the barrels on a meadow near water
– Manure mod
– Lime mod
– Chaff mod
– Near the shop in which you can trigger himself to sell the machine
– Reset machines
– Dirt roads
– Several machines to start
– Pedestrian
– Traffic
– An interesting area
– Mountainous fields
– Open the gate and gate at about (not zero)
– A few sown fields that belong to us
– Sellers field

Authors: Kamilek767, mati4895


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