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Ropa Big Bear v 1.0

Ropa Big Bear-1 Ropa Big Bear-2

– Large Trailer
– With the ability to upload to another body or a trailer
– Fruits: Sugarbeets, potatoes, onions
– Dirt / washable

Authors: Atabogo, Chefkoch, Upsidedown, Bullgore, Meyer123


3 Responses to Ropa Big Bear v 1.0

  1. nice

    cool looking mod but how much dose it hold and are you still working on it

  2. Mark Simons

    in me efforts to convert it i managed to get the tracts to appear but not turn however like you i could not get the damb thing to empty out or get the wire messing texture that is on the arm and the bottom of the trailer from appearing. good luck on converting it i really hope some of the other ROPA gear is converted as i am waiting on it fro my lets play

    Good luck

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