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Raise Rear Hydraulics v 3.0


Declaration on the xml entry:

In the modDesc the or the Fzg.xml the stretcher can be adjusted a few things .. In addition one examined in the modDesc following line: (This line can you also add in Fzg.xml the tractor to specifically for this Tractor adjust the values)

First day:

This value indicates how far the Herckhydraulik is lifted.

Second day:

This value indicates how fast the rear hydraulics is raised and lowered.

Third day:

Here it is determined whether the lower links of the rear hydraulics to degrade when connecting a PTO with the tractor. If they do not degrade, then fill in the ‘true’ set to ‘false’.

Author: Ifkonator


One Response to Raise Rear Hydraulics v 3.0

  1. Dan Taylor

    how do i make it so the rear hydraulics dont dissapear when i connect pto. thanks

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