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Projekt Kreis Unna 2015 Map v 5.0

  • 2015-07-07 10:40
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Projekt Kreis Unna 2015

Version 5.0:
– On the building materials factory replaces all graphics, they lacked partially
– The company Biosanica food has settled in the industrial area
– New products and raw materials added to the economic cycle, french fries, fried potatoes,
Meatball, rye flour, wheat flour, wheat bread and rye bread
– With textures of grass and green areas worked, please copy de.grle files
– At the bakery replaced the fruit for oats rye, it is rye bread produced
– Changed all sales prices and optimized, more revenue
– The mill now produces rye flour
– Work on buildings and roads
– Fruits, products and prices optimized PDA and corrected
– Adapted Trailers and Semitrailers in Mod Pack to the new products
– The manual supplements and corrects for changes in the economic system

Authors: LG Bemak, Kruskow


One Response to Projekt Kreis Unna 2015 Map v 5.0

  1. Redge

    I like everything in this map, its my prefered map. The most important problem is I can’t load the flour at the mill with raiffensen silo (green). Everything is 100% full, but can’t take flour at the silo.

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