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Poettinger Mowers Pack


2 Poettinger Mowers:
– Poettinger X8
– Poettinger Alpha

Author: Modderei


5 Responses to Poettinger Mowers Pack


    Warning: Y-Translation of component 1 (node 0>) (PoettingerAlpha.i3d) should be 0
    C:/Users/tomás/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//LS15_PoettingerX8/PoettingerX8.i3d (362.76 ms)
    Warning: Y-Translation of component 1 (node 0>) (PoettingerX8.i3d) should be 0
    tiene estos errores, solucionalos, gracias……..

  2. John Pettersson

    Hey! work not in multyiplayer in FS 2015 Sincerely John

  3. odhran mcgarrel

    she is a mother hen of a mower im telling ye boya

  4. James

    downloaded and tried the mowers. I found several issues with the mod. (1) the front mower spawning partially below the ground and the only way to correct this is to reset to farm. (2) the rear mowers indicate as raised even though they are lowered into work position. (3) the mowers raise the tractor, especially the smaller ~200 hp tractors. like the Case 160. (4) the animation on the mergers is not accurate and is shown as a cloud of green dust.

  5. James Campion

    pls someone make a rake witch can lift one side at a time

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