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John Deere 9560 RT v 2.0


Power 560CV / 412KW
Price 379.599€

Author: Felnigen


Kamaz 55111


KamAZ55111 dump truck(tatrin). written all used for more crops(onions, carrots, sunflower, sand) by the mud rushing without problems

Authors: JAWA Lexan Dmitriy Krasnov ksergey13 Koral Andryxa96 Bodia Gosteh ANDREI1994, SP



Mixed Ration v 3.0


Station for mixing or Mixed Feed Ration is a mod for Farming Simulator 15. With the mixing station power can be made to the cows in larger quantities and with a feed mixer, feed conversion, as it may fill them with loads completely. The three storage silos should be filled with silage, hay and straw (50t, depending), then it is 10t per hour compound feed produced by the mixing tank. The mixing container keeps 100t compound feed and can be collected with a trailer and taken to feed the cows. The silos have three analog level indicators, in addition to the exact levels are displayed in the control panel in the help text.

signal lamp:
Flashing red = a silo is empty
Flashing amber = full tank mix
Green = OK (is producing)
So, do not have to go constantly for control, there is a message system as an “online system” that displays messages at the top of the screen.

How to Install: Please put the file in the “mods” folder. After the game menu screen activate the Mod to use it.

Author: Marhu


Stubble Pack v 1.0


NOTICE: You must have chopped straw in your map to use this scripts.
You will see there are three zip files, put them all into your mods folder.
Works on planters, cultivators and plows.
Check your F1 help box for control.

Authors: yumi and Steenkamp Modding


DuraHaul Trailer v 1.0


This is a tanker that you can haul your fertilizer or water with to refill your sprayers or water tanks.
This is a ATS convert.

Authors: Oxtar, Steenkamp Modding, Matthew Carnes


John Deere 915V Ripper v 1.0


A nice pull ripper for your 4 wheel drive tractors that do not have a 3 point hinch.

Authors: benniebullock, Brent Elinburg, Tre bradshaw, Reaper9111, Boertjie (Steenkamp Modding)


Iveco Stralis Wood Chippers v 1.0


Truck unit Iveco Stralis with manipulator – Max. power – 476 hp max. Speed – 81 km / h. Lighting, interior lights, speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature, indicator lights and turn signals, mirrors, swing bridge, camera operator, marks, dust, animation supports. Washable.
Semi-wood chipper – Bunker 10,000 liters. Lighting, work indicators, the level of the hopper, swivel bridges, tracks, dust, animation (spotlights, console lid, hood, motor, bearing, trunk, drums). Washable.

Author: FSM