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Norgeholm v 1.7 Multifruit

  • 2016-03-03 13:43
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Version 1.7:
* Damage and Repair Mod installed
* Hard Point Extension installed
* Cattle watering with hose connection and sparging installed
* Large workshop for Damage & Repair and Hard Point Extention installed at Car Dealers
* Lifts with function as a small workshop for Damage & Repair in the yard, the shipping company and he built gas station in the village
* Lift in the workshop equipped with function (Animation of LS13 to LS15 converted)
* PDA Map recreated
* Water Animation fixed in Forage Factory
* Some small bugs fixed and various small improvements
* Tunnel of 231 meters length with traffic access scheme as short and fast connection between the cattle / pig farms and the organic feed factory
* Fermenting Silo southeast created for the rapid production of silage next to the 38th
* Compost Master installed in place of the old Compost Master
* Compost Filling Plant installed for filling compost in wooden boxes
* Range header for the compost wooden boxes installed
* Barriers at Compost Master and pallet collectors installed
* Conveyor belt including tarpaulin for filling compost on Compost Master installed
* New and darker Fill Plane for compost incorporated
* Prices for liquid manure, dung, grass and straw decreased with time to EUR 0, this has now been fixed
* Once again fixed a slightly floating tree at the horse breeding
* Missing icons when displaying the Compost Filling Plant fixed
* Compost Master Supernatant Comnpost Master logo fixed on the back

Author: Pandahma


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