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New Holland FR9090 Pack

New-Holland-FR-9090-Pack-1 New-Holland-FR-9090-Pack-2

The Pack consists of:
– New Holland FR9090 Harvester
– New Holland Orbis 900 Header
– New Holland X Disc
– New Holland Easy Flow 300

Authors: Giants, robie740


4 Responses to New Holland FR9090 Pack

  1. DO NO DOWNLOAD this version!

    The combine is messed up, it makes it so you can not harvest for some reason, you chop the crops, but it does not fill the bunker.

  2. Please fix if you can

    Please fix this, it is very upsetting to see this happen to a mod.

  3. This one is a scam!

    This pack is a scam, go download the .rar one by Larry, bertram-79, Michal021, and Eduardo.

  4. FS15 Nick

    Sorry for the outburst. I think that the mod has coding issues that need to be addressed. Otherwise, this would make a great mod if it didn’t “break” the other headers and/or combine functionality.

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