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New Ball Types for Presses v 1.5

New Ball Types for Presses

Basically you Join new ball types for presses. It also adds the needed fillTypes added the presses, so they do not need to be adjusted manually. If one fillType not be registered but, let’s take for example, Alfalfa, thenPower yes n the corresponding bale is not registered and the fillType is not added to the presses.
One can make in the zip modDesc some settings, thus you do not have to modify the script.
In the modDesc you will find a large master parameters ‘addBaleTypes’. Everything in there is called and processed by the addBaleTypes.lua.

First parameter is:
allowDebugPrint = “false”
If this value is set to ‘true’, then some more of the script are written to the log. I only needed for testing, but who wants to try it, it is simply set to ‘true’ and look in the log. Even after purchasing a press.

Second parameter is:
allowOverrideOriginalStrawBales = “true”
If this value is set to ‘true’, the path of straw square bales:
‘Data / maps / models / objects / square bales / baleStraw240.i3d’

This replaces:
‘Bales / square bales / baleStraw240.i3d’
and the path for Strohrunballen:
‘Data / maps / models / objects / round bales / roundbaleStraw_w112_d130.i3d’

Author: Ifko[nator]


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