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Netherlands Special v 1.3

  • 2014-12-18 12:23
  • Maps

Netherlands-Special-v-1.3-1 Netherlands-Special-v-1.3-2 Netherlands-Special-v-1.3-3

– 2 Farms
– Sheeps
– Biogass
– Vehicle shop
– Contractor
– Country Trade
– Storage for your crops
– Potato farm (has no function)
– Sugarbeet farm (has no function)
– Sawmill and Wood chip burner for loggs
– Forestry activitys
– Pigs

Version 1.3:
– Added Pig stabels
– New mowed grass texture
– Added Water Mod
– Some changes to the map
– Waving flags
– Doors and Gates open now with the MapDoorTrigger

Authors: Mike, Richard


2 Responses to Netherlands Special v 1.3

  1. loeck

    can not install the map into fs15. ‘winrar can add files only to rar or zip archives’

    what to do..


  2. luke

    thi file has been deleted from this page

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