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Nederland Map v 1.6

  • 2015-06-30 19:01
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Nederland Map (1) Nederland Map (3) Nederland Map (2)

Version 1.6:
– Bakery Added
– Brewery with function
– Multifruit added
– New BGA
– Compost Machine Added
– Extra selling points
– Oil Pump added
– New oil factory
– Farm is adapted
– Seeder added
– Mix machine added
– Beef added
– Dutch potatoes
– Sugarbeet storage function added
– Placeable Mods
– Open spots for the placeable mods like a greenhouse with function
– Sawmill with function
– Potato machine to clean the potatoes

Author: Mike


4 Responses to Nederland Map v 1.6

  1. maffo95

    when i want to start a game on this map it keeps loading the game

  2. Death

    me and a mate trying to get on this map in multiplayer and it wont go past 10% any ideas?

  3. mad mitch

    same here just keeps loading and loading i have to quit this map does not work with 1.3 patch or 1.2 patch looks great too

  4. mad mitch

    superb map i finally got it working and its great thank you i have a problem with door triggers but i have map working everything looks amazing all placed out great and the hired workers do what there told lol thank you cheers mitch

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