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Multi Overlay Hud v 1.2

Multi Overlay Hud

The Multi Overlay Hud mod aims to provide you a quick overview of some important information features of the game.

Quick Overview:
– Animals
– Stock
– Best prices
– Greenhouses
– Stock / Total Cost (small or complex) + Fremdhud suppression (if known)

– Color design choice (optional interchangeable)
– Mini PDA Icon interchangeable
– Zoom In / Out function (optimally at many stations)
– Selectable warning function for the mini PDA
– Mini PDA Icon Zoom In / Out
– Mini PDA new position (with Up / Dowm)
– On / Off dazzle Inactiven fruits
– Update Interval optional adjustable (default every 3.75 min)
– Manual quick update
– Optional custom color design adjustable
– Configurations XML file (finger off if you do not know what you’re doing)
– Free Keyboard Layout

Version 1.2:
– Fix display requirements for sheep
– Fix for Soil Mod
– Fix greenhouses + new design
– Fix station name in high demand
– Set default update interval to 1,875
– Manual update when you open / close automatically executed
– Revised graphic design complete
– Slot window can optionally be relocated
– Added mouse control
– Minimizes keyboard required
– Optional Mouse Key Switch function added
– Placeable objects added
– Added simple field data
– UPK trees / greenhouses added
– Added great demand preview (page 2, switch)
– Added dealer Preview (page 2, switch)

Author: HappyLooser


One Response to Multi Overlay Hud v 1.2

  1. Tomas

    buenas…que mods crea conflicto con éste???….al colocarlo en la carpeta mods no carga el mapa…se queda pillado cuando intenta leer el mod Multi Overlay…gracias, un saludo…

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