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Multi Overlay Hud (addon) Art Design v 1.4

Multi Overlay Hud (addon) Art Design

Those who do not like and want Standart ArtDesign have a little variety, which is found here in the future appropriate alternatives.

Use and installation:
– Unpack zip file to a directory of your choice (under 15 LS delay.)
– Put in the multiOverlaySettings.xml to true
– The directory and the name entered in Art Design

Those who like to just want to have the new symbols, but would like to have the font etc. In the standard should be in the xml file of artDesigns change and replace the following values. (At your own risk)

ActiveColor 143 188 143 1.0
InactiveColor 143 188 143 0.8
Price color 255 255 255 1.0
BestPriceColor 0 255 0 0.8
Demand color 0 0 255 1.0

Version 1.4:
– New slot type for multi overlay Hud v1.5

Author: HappyLooser


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