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Mulroy Bay v 2.0

  • 2015-08-08 10:47
  • Maps

Mulroy Bay

– Irish style Map
– 39 Fields perfect for multiplayer or single
– Three seperate farms all with different uses
– Adding calves/pig rearing increasing the size of the maps and improving the old yards
– The terrain on this map is very tricky
– Very little flat ground, just plenty of rolling hills and steep fields to keep things interesting

Authors: DylanAlcorn, BulletBill, FS-UK Modteam, NI Modding, Euro DZN, Duarn, Sean6920s, LordWilliams, SteveC


4 Responses to Mulroy Bay v 2.0

  1. Tinus

    Hey man great map,but i have got a question. If i mow the grass i cant bale it please help me.

  2. Richard

    I like the map but have to say that the manure for the cows is behind the sheep pen, cant put mixed rations in the cow shed, and can’t find a place to sell the slurry, also the milk trigger doesn’t operate have had to put one by the milking machine close to the silage pit.

  3. Tom

    I cannot sell straw at the straw sell point next to the wool sell point. Loaded up a full forage wagon and tried to dump it there but no luck. I can offload the straw at the storage shed … but I want to SELL IT … because I desperately need some cash ! !

  4. Tom

    Went I’ve gone everywhere looking for a straw sell point somewhere else and came up empty. Its a gorgeous map, and with a little more work it could be one of the best. BUT … with no working straw sell point, no bio gas plant, and no silos … I have to give this map a “D minus” for ‘barely playable’.

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