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Monchwinkel Map v 0.92

  • 2015-05-14 10:12
  • Maps

Monchwinkel Map

– 90 fields of different sizes
– Farm
– City, soccer field and more
– Traffic cars, pedestrians, road signs
– Balemaster added (farm, broiler, dairy plant, LPG SO)
– Added Agravis compound feed hall
– Fish can now be fed with corn bug fixes
– Number of GRLE files for server operating reduced
– Shrunk sound file on server size
– Adapted texture sizes
– Adjusted some trigger

Authors: Silenceko, JS39, Maisbauer


One Response to Monchwinkel Map v 0.92

  1. Alex

    My score 4+
    Compost is not 🙁
    AnimationMapTrigger missing
    UniversalProcessKit missing (which version you want? 093, 098 ???)
    Road traffic can say no 🙁

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