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MIG Map MadeIn Germany Region Celle v 0.93 BETA

  • 2014-12-13 16:30
  • Maps

MIG-Map-MadeIn-Germany-Region-Celle-v-0.93-BETA-1 MIG-Map-MadeIn-Germany-Region-Celle-v-0.93-BETA-2 MIG-Map-MadeIn-Germany-Region-Celle-v-0.93-BETA-3

Version 0.93 BETA:
– Forests can be rented now, all the trees in the area are precipitated
– Purchasable items such as BGA, Farm 2,3,4,5 …
– Store Place seedling tree fixed pallets
– Incorrect pigsty removed Signs
– Farm 4 and 5 seeds, fuel, fertilizer trigger fix
– Beet corn and potato exchanged texture and density adjusted more
– Other floating objects such as trees fixed
– Maker slaughterhouse trigger installed
– BGA silo 1 and 2 moved a meter, were added
– Farm 4 and 5 repaired trigger grain silo
– Farm 4 were 2 other outdoor silos built
– Fixed pig numbers
– Revised trees and other set 90% complete
– Revised lanes texture and made slightly narrower
– Seed and fertilizer in Hall moved out of fuel tank problem
– Milk Truck white line spline away
– Other gas station built model

Author: Bullgore


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