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MAZ 537 v 1.0

MAZ-537-v-1.0-1 MAZ-537-v-1.0-2

– Lighting engineering
– Mirrors
– Open doors, engine compartment
– Dust from the wheels
– Leaves traces on wheels
– Power 975 hp
– Dirt / washable

Author: fs15


One Response to MAZ 537 v 1.0

  1. Mike Loeven

    The suspension needs to be lowered about a foot currently there are no semi trailers in the game that properly fit this truck they are all up too high and if they have more than one Axel the front wheels are always in the air. additionally and Semi Setting frames will collide with the hitch and cannot be mounted either.

    perhaps adding an air ride hydraulic so that the chassis can be raised and lowered to fit the trailer would be the best solution other wise you may want to shrink the collision box around the hitch and lower the connection point this may cause some clipping but will result in the ability to properly attach trailers

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