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MAN TGS 41.570 8×8 Agricultural Heavy Duty v 2.0

MAN-TGS-41.570-1 MAN-TGS-41.570-2

– Power 570 hp
– Choice of color
– Incorporated Texture
– Trelleborg Tires
– Tire labeled
– Installed two steering axles
– Customized handling, braking and performance
– Setting the Dolly installed for rear mounting
– Three-point linkage mounted with PTO
– Built heavy duty cultivation
– Fire extinguisher installed
– Built diesel spare canister
– Installed spare wheels
– Rear View Camera Deco
– Installed new exhaust pipes
– Exhaust gases, he adapted the beautiful rust
– Opened doors, windows
– Installed roof holder
– Installed air conditioning
– CB radio antennas installed
– New bugles installed
– Deleted old bugle of texture
– Installed rear bumper
– Distance light installed on the bumper
– Installed Strainer with imprint
– Installed bracket with pneumatic hoses
– Working lights installed on the roof
– Installed Adaptive Headlights
– Normal front and rear light installed
– LED brake lights installed at the stern of the passenger compartment
– LED daytime running lights installed in the front
– Installed fog lights
– Lichtbar on the roof fitted with daytime running lights and turn signals
– Installed warning flasher to the radiator and bumper
– Brake light installed normal
– Daytime running lights installed in the rear lights
– Distance light installed on the sides
– Sun Visor installed with daytime running lights
– Installed and adjusted every Koronas
– Interior Ahlan radio equipment installed
– Interior installed delivery papers and pen
– Installed nameplates in the windshield
– Installed interior curtains
– Installed license plate
– Installed light grid
– Driver installed Animation
– Dirt on, thus it can be washed
– Dirt far as it went fitted everywhere

Authors: Ahran von Bavaria Modding, Co. MTL Modding Team


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