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Lamborghini LP640 77

  • 2015-01-25 10:30
  • Cars


– Animated Bauer
– Animated Parts
– Lighting
– Tire tracks
– Washable
– Mirror
– Trailer hitch
– Power 220 hp

Authors: superpat, MODALL, Sven777b


4 Responses to Lamborghini LP640 77

  1. Rambo

    what kind of wheels are those ? skateboard wheels ? 🙂

  2. C4RBON94

    and why are the windows and lights painted over?? lol

    power 200hp, pretty sure lambos have more than that xD

  3. Trigger

    NEVER GET THIS!! i got it because i love them as anyone…. BUT! so embarrassed to show anyone because the tires ruined it. it spun out on every slight turn…. sounded terrible…. only thing was it was 11 grand and looked good parked and facing forward looking at the front.

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