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Krone Big X 1100 Green Pack with Dynamic Twin Front Wheels

Krone-Big-X-1100-Green-Pack-with-Dynamic-Twin-Fronts-Wheels-1 Krone-Big-X-1100-Green-Pack-with-Dynamic-Twin-Fronts-Wheels-2

– Twin Dynamic Front Wheels
– Low rear trailer hitch fitted so it will pull many different trailers
– New colour scheme
– Road speed limited 34 km/h
– Harvesting speed with supplied cutters 18-25 km/h depending on cutter used
– Extra rear beacon lights
– Oversized X Disc and Easy Flow Headers
– Roof aerials
– Steering, torque, RPM and brakes tweaked
– Steering wheel rotation speed reduced
– Washable
– Multiplayer
– All attachments included and they are standard sizes and colours only the speeds are increased in this pack
– Custom color for Tires

Authors: Giants, Stevie


One Response to Krone Big X 1100 Green Pack with Dynamic Twin Front Wheels

  1. Gert

    If you made the discharge more about x4, then this would have been a nice mod. It takes a looooong time to fill the trailer.

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