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Krone Big X 1100 Beast Pack v 12.10 BETA

Krone-Big-X-1100-Beast-Pack-1 Krone-Big-X-1100-Beast-Pack-2 Krone-Big-X-1100-Beast-Pack-3

The Pack consist of:
– Krone Big X 1100 Harvester
– Krone X Disc 6200
– Krone Easy Collect 1053
– Krone Easy Flow
– Krone Header Trailer
– Krone Big X Cargo Trailer
– MAN TGX 18.540 8×8 Truck
– 9 Swaps for MAN TGX 18.540 8×8 Truck

Version 12.10 BETA:
– IC control installed
– Fitted seat suspension
– Installed light indicator
– Indoor Lighting revised (Terminal Air)
– IC animations
– Enlarged display terminal
– Passenger Script installed
– Wipers installed
– Fitted tires
– Lighting installed
– Fixed Tacho
– Twin wheels installed
– Re-textured interior
– Installed RPM Script
– Animated armrest
– Decoration for items installed
– Terminal Bootscreen
– Driving Direction Indicators
– Tire tracks and tire dust Cargo
– Animated sun visor
– Installed Indoor Sound
– New indicators on Terminal
– Revised Shift Able Mass Script
– New silage tank
– Camera script installed for better indoor view of Cargo
– Cabins installed lighting
– Cargo Attacher installed for SSW
– Installed Camera Work Script
– Changed Pipe Particel
– Pipe Adapted for Cargo
– Optional Gearbox Installed
– New Dirt and twin wheels
– Switchable Transport Protection
– Ready for Patch 1.4.1

Authors: Upsidedown, xyzspain, JokobT, Johnny1980, Repi, Kyosho, Rafftnix, Biedens, Bullgore


2 Responses to Krone Big X 1100 Beast Pack v 12.10 BETA

  1. **dutchgold**

    awesome,really awesome this is the best mod so far for ls15.every thing is working perfect so far,thanx guys for this great mod.

  2. Thomas

    Cannot get the stands for the attachments folded up to be able to drive, any suggestions?

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