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Krone Big L500 Prototype v 2.0


– Working width 6 meters
– Capacity 100000 liters

Version 2.0:
– Fixed wheel slip

Authors: Giants, FS15Nexcraft


5 Responses to Krone Big L500 Prototype v 2.0

  1. Josiesomething

    I’ve been using this mod for a while now. Works well. Very efficient. Only minor thing I can think of is that you can’t clean it all the way. Always looks a little dirty. (but that’s nit-picking)


  2. Thita

    Thanks for this version, it fixes the weird physics it had.

    Also to anyone that wants to fix its yield to normal (stock) levels:
    Open kroneBigL500payable.xml with notepad (or better with notepad++)
    and change the lines:

    21|0|1|0″ widthIndex=”0>21|0|1|1″ heightIndex=”0>21|0|1|2″ dropWindrow=”false” />

    To this, with the addition after:

    21|0|1|0″ widthIndex=”0>21|0|1|1″ heightIndex=”0>21|0|1|2″ dropWindrow=”false” />

    21|0|1|0″ widthIndex=”0>21|0|1|1″ heightIndex=”0>21|0|1|2″ />

    You can play with the pickupFillScale value if you want, at 0.25 it works at very close levels to stock yield rate.

    • Thita

      Dunno how to correctly post the code, so yeah

      workAreas pickupFillScale=”0.3″

      changes to

      and the addition after the closing workAreas tag is
      mowerCutAreas pickupFillScale=”0.25″

      Then here you copy the workArea line (NOT the workAreas, watch the “s” at the end)
      and you change the text “workArea” to “mowerCutArea”, and delete the dropWindrow=”false” entry

      and finally close the mowerCutAreas, similar to workAreas

  3. Robert

    Any idea why it won’t work with courseplay?

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