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Knuston Farm Major Extended (Soil mod ready) v 5.0

  • 2016-03-13 13:22
  • Maps


– Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented
– Few natural sounds added
– All foliage is altered in shape and size as well as textures changed
– Cows, sheep and chickens implemented
– Chopped straw mod added, original swathes have also been altered to look more tidy and fuller
– Yard cluttered with tools, objects and decals
– All gates open and shut manually
– Buyable fields with custom buy signs

Extended Features:
– Many many fixes that where mentioned from the previous version
– Railway line added in place of real life midland mainline railway (goods line)
– Vastly extended the land the other side of the railway line
– Added a large smart BGA facility within the new land
– Added small farm yard within new land (very small only couple of features, more a stop gap)
– Made new PDA map that is very different to anything else (easy to read, clean and smart)
– New foliage layers added across the map to brighten everything up (Wild flowers and bushes)
– Animated horses added to replace the static ones at edge of map
– Animated balloon with sound, fire and lights up on very long spline (so it don’t appear all the time)
– Working Class 222 meridian in East Midlands Trains livery as a seven car consist, Speeding past at 93 km/h with real sounds taken from Train simulator 2015, working horn which comes on for 3 seconds every 50 seconds, at 2100 hours the train automatically lights up (windows, cab and red/yellow lights)
– Soil mod ready
– Cut grass changed for realism

Major Extended Features:
– Extended area of land with new backing houses
– Railway made into a twin track with duplication of train, electric overheads added
– New bridges added or adjusted with new foot bridge
– Various texture changes of ground and foliage
– New shop building added
– New shed and area added to main farm
– Seed stacks at main farm moved indoors
– Small castle added to scenery
– Water tower with water trigger added
– New gate opening sound and new large metal door opening sounds added

Authors: FSModding_Gary, NI Modding, @Andrei Valentin, Webalizer, VertexDezign, sandgroper, Johan12, Dennis Busch, Spider100


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