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John Deere Pack (7290r/8370r) Fixed by FS-TV

John-Deere-Pack-1 John-Deere-Pack-2 John-Deere-Pack-3

Mod for version 1.3 only

– Allmost ideal size with real tractors
– All functions controled from IC: double wheels, trailers capacity, lights
– Speed: 7290r – 50 km/h, 8370r – 50km/h, 8370r with weight – 61 km/h
– All turning and warning lights working

– 7290r not trembling anymore
– 8370r has wider tires
– All Tractors are more stable
– More realistic inside camera position

Authors: Created by: AgroSketch Team || Modified by: FS-TV and Alexandr Meshkov


3 Responses to John Deere Pack (7290r/8370r) Fixed by FS-TV

  1. cheap

    The FSTV on them looks stupid please remove

  2. SLOvenia

    yea I agree with cheap, FSTV logo on tractorsshould be removed, because ruins evrything, altough the mod is great.

  3. Roman

    I agree with the logo and also I have a problem with the JD 7290r it does not get dirty and is not washable because of that, even though the other JD 8370r is washable i would love it if the 7290r would also be washable, please change that and take off the logo. The mod is great though only these tiny fixes would be making this mod one of my and i think everybody’s favorite, thanks.

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