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John Deere 1890 WingFlex Seeders Pack v 1.0

John-Deere-1890-WingFlex-Seeders-1 John-Deere-1890-WingFlex-Seeders

This pack contains 4 implements that must be hooked together to work properly. The default Air Seeder and Cart are the 22.5 m version based on the real 60′ John Deere model and there is also a 14m set for smaller farms based on the 45′ model. The carts are the same other than the size of the spray work area, so, if you don’t mind overspray, you can hook the 22m version to the 14m seeder. The Air Seeder supports the following graintypes: wheat, barley, rape, maize, potato, sugarbeet, grass, fertilizer. The seeder is the tank for seeds and the cart is the tank for fertilizer.
Fully washable mod except the Air Cart tanks do not get dirty other than the decals. Also, the fan underneath the Air Cart and the pivots on the wheels of the seeder are perma dirty and will not wash off.
Supported Seed Types: All standard fruits and fertilizer

Authors: Jerrico, Knagsted, JRBrown, killerrf, CJWilksy


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