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Horsch Pronto 15 SW v 1.2

Horsch-Pronto-15-SW-v-1.2-1 Horsch-Pronto-15-SW-v-1.2-2

– Working width 15 meter
– Forward speed was increased to 25 km/h
– There is no trace Reiser
– Filling volume 15000 liters
– Filling rate 2500 liters / second
– The weight of the seed waggon was increased for better driving stability

Version 1.2:
– Direct seeding
– Manure function
– Type code DSF = Direct seeding Fertilizer
– Wide wheels on the seed wagon
– Adapted AI Marker helper function
– All wheels, pulleys, hinges, lift arms, etc. made movable
– Seed hoses on the outer seeding units

Authors: Giants, KHD-Agrostar


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