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Hofgut Baden v 3.0

  • 2015-10-06 19:30
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Hofgut-Baden-1 Hofgut-Baden-2 Hofgut-Baden-3

Here the Soil Mod was installed. With this it is now possible even more realistic agriculture to operate. Need to generate more income you now edit the fields of intensive means to bring more revenue fertilizing, weeding and soil with the proper procedures. Who does not want can also play without this extension. For the extension of this mod is required.
The pig of Marhu been extended. So it is now possible at the Drover to buy the pigs, so they can be trans portiern in the pig. The advantage is that the pigs from the merchants are cheaper than in the store. The downside is you have to bring this yourself with the hanger in the mast.
To invite the young pig and to transport the tires to the slaughterhouse battle, you need this trailer.
Transport for pigs.
The limestone quarry was in a fertilizer mixing plant turned on hand to buy fertilizer to store in the camp in the yard. From this it can be removed with the spreader dannwieder.

Version 3.0:
– Mix Feeder (automatic feeder) was added

Author: BadenBauer


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