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Hobbs Farm v 5.0

  • 2016-04-05 12:13
  • Maps

Hobbs-Farm-1 Hobbs-Farm-2 Hobbs-Farm-3

This Map is designed around big kit roadtrains and industrial sized farming.
Large forest, loading pit for logs, several places to make silage and 3 places to sell it, loads of sell points.
The Map has an Arable farm and a Livestock Farm. Grain loading points 2 grain unloading points plus the option to bucket load your trailers in the grain shed.
14 Medium to very large fields designed with courseplay in mind.

Author: Hobgoblin


One Response to Hobbs Farm v 5.0

  1. espen

    where can i fill up the slurry tanker and manure tank??

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