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Graceland v 1.0

  • 2016-01-11 09:04
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Graceland-1 Graceland-2 Graceland-3

– The Map is 4x
– It’s layed out so that you can either play a smaller portion or grow your farm as you desire
– Will make excellant multi player with plenty of extra room and storage spaced out around the map
– This is a mid west style map with plenty of open room for larger equipment
– Depending on your preference, you will either start out with 10 million for easy, 5 million for normal, 2.5 million for hard
– You have 10 player owned fields, two ready for harvest, the rest are in sequence of the next growing cycles
– The outer area is great for multi play and has extra storage for equipment, plenty of fuel, fertilizer and seed stations placed to help you along the way
– The map has 49 fields total. All fields can be purchased at the realtor office
– Outer layer fields are planted with pines that will need to be cut and harvested to prepare for planting
– There are several mods installed in this map to make the game play more enjoyable and give you a little more to do
– The lumber pallets, wool pallets, and greenhouse pallets can be sold north of the port at the spinnery symble
– The compost machine requires windrow or grass to change the product to manure
– The lumber mill requires windrow or chips for fuel. Once started it creates wood chips and pallet lumber

Author: NOR3MSTI


7 Responses to Graceland v 1.0

  1. Paulo Ireno

    Mapa top. Único bugs que eu encontrei foi os terreno que já estão comprados tive que vende e compra de novo as plantadeiras não estava plantando como se os terrenos não estivessem comprados.
    Vendi e comprei de novo e ficou tudo certo

  2. Snow

    What mods are needed for the map?

  3. Doug lett

    cant get the pronto 18 to plant grass

  4. Doug lett

    My mistake on the grass it does plant, but have another problem. Cant harvest sorgum. Tried the grain head didnt work , tried the corn head and it didnt work. Tried both International and New Holland combines
    Any ideas.

  5. nor3msti

    you should visit the only approved hosting site for the map for errors or problems which is american eagles modding

  6. Doug lett

    thanks for the info

  7. Avi

    How can I get feed out of the mixing station?

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