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Gamsting v 3.2

  • 2015-11-27 11:46
  • Maps

Gamsting-1 Gamsting-2 Gamsting-3

Version 3.2:
– Courtyard equipped with ball bearings and rebuilt
– Reduces file size to 35MB
– More ground angle away
– Adapted KuhNavMesh
– Updated potato washer and scripts
– Raised sales price for pigs
– Terrain adjustments
– Edited dirt and road network
– Performance improvement

Author: Stefan_LS


2 Responses to Gamsting v 3.2

  1. lwjcod

    Why isnt the potato washer working ? i have tryed water fuel potatoes. the water and fuel withthe base game trailer

  2. jack

    i need to know how to put fuel into the place where you make wood pallets

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