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FS 2015 Toolkit v


– Cheat Tool
– Add/remove money and loan
– Change difficulty
– Reset vehicles
– Change economy prices
– Change field ownership
– Change silo fill levels
– Mod Manager
– Import mods
– Delete mods
– Activate mods
– Deactivate mods
– Save Manager
– Import save games
– Backup save games
– Delete save games
– Validate save games
– Modification Tools
– Steering calculator
– Speed calculator
– Speed converter
– RPM calculator
– Gear ratio calculator
– File shortcuts
– FS2015 path
– Screenshots path
– Mods path
– Each save game path (dynamic)
– Web shortcuts
– SdcDev website
– Mod sites (dynamic, XML@Data\ModSites.xml)

Authors: SdcDev Software, OpenClipArt, MSDN, Ionic, Rex Rex, Keith T, Paul J.A


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